Sexy Foreplay Tips to Blow His Brain

Every relationship offers its good and bad days. However there isn’ t such a powerful device to use when trying to make a partnership fun and exciting than having great, enthusiastic sex. What makes great sex? Properly, great sex doesn’ t just happen; it takes commitment and genius to make it happen. Foreplay is the simplest thing to spice up sex and here are sexy foreplay tips to blow his mind.

View a Sexy Movie

This may sound like an obvious foreplay tip however it can be daunting to get it right. Choose the movie while laying focus on your partner desires. Picking a movie that’ s totally off his choice might turn him off rather than turning him on. Find a film he likes to watch and he will be all over you with no time.

Read Him a Unclean Novel

That women such as dirty stories doesn’ t mean that men don’ t like them as well. To add the sexy twist to it, take turns to read this aloud to each other while you trying to discompose each other’ s attention at the same time. This is one of the hottest sexy fore play tips to blow his brain that you could ever try. Don’ t forget to sample the book before you make a purchase.

Sensual Massage

Get naked and give each other massages with scented therapeutic massage oil. This is a quick and easy way to obtain anyone in the mood and will definitely improve your sex life. Start from the top when you work your way downwards and don’ t forget to stroke his libidinal zones such as the scalp. Be firm and rough at the same time.

Feed Him

This can be a foreplay tip that can work anyplace, from the cafes to the picnic sites to the bedroom. You can feed him with anything from strawberries in order to honey to sandwiches. This is a single if the sexy foreplay tips that will easily spark the connection between you and your spouse and you can be sure you won’ t wait around to get home and get it going.


Your partner will most definitely get arouse by the sheer thought of being tied up which then makes this a great idea to beautify your sex life. For starters you don’ t have to use handcuffs but soft materials like stocking or even neck ties will just be good. While on that position, tell him how to proceed in a way like you’ re offering him commands.

Deliver Him Sexy Messages

Sending your man sexy messages before you get into contact with him is one of the sure-fire to get him turned on in addition it’ s equally a powerful foreplay tip. Tell him how dazzling he is and how you can’ t wait around see them or how terribly you want to have sex with him.

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  • apleaforbrandon:

    im at a loss for ideas for foreplay with my wife. i rub her and other things but i need more i think she deserves it help me please!!!!!

  • Chester:

    Apparently the ladies love foreplay, but, to be honest, I don’t think I do… I don’t like shoving my fingers and tongue into a slimy vagina…

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