Every Girl Dreams of Having the Perfect Wedding ceremony

A bit cliched but true none the less. The lady plans it all, for her special day. Every moment of that day, will be a precious memory and she will cherish them all her life.

Weddings in India really are a glorious affair, with bursts of colours and colourful personalities most blending in together. Ceremonies plus traditions that are not to be trifled with are duly mixed with humor, pranks and laughter.

To capture each and every moment, and immortalize them in print is what started the trend of professional wedding photographers.

Professional wedding photographers are surely becoming the rock stars of Indian Weddings. Much more when just the formal photos of the bride and the groom with numerous people surrounding them, would be enough. Now everyone wants that their wedding photos should tell a story, their story, for every story has the unique flavor which the best professional wedding photographers do manage to convey to other individuals through their lens. With their genuine photography, their creativity in clicking on that perfect shot each and every time is what produces these classic photographs.

It is not just the ability of the wedding photographer that is required for the perfect shot. They should also have within them, the ability to tell the story of the bride-to-be, and move people to feel the actual bride and the groom felt on their wedding day.

And wedding photographers in India, such as Ankit, are surely living up to these expectations. His photographs possess a mystic allure, a wonderful play of colours and emotions that attract everyone. His candid shots of the demure bride, the look in the girl eyes, the playful smile, as well as the nervous glance, all contribute to the girl beauty captured in film.

Wedding photography in India definitely has moved base and has evolved into a totally new genre, which demands as much dedication and creativity and skill being required by photographers in other areas. Ankit surely brings all that in to his work and it shows in his photographs.

He captures the importance of rituals since assiduously as he captures the love in the stolen moments between the bride-to-be and the groom. His photographs do tell their story and he has the capacity to make these memories everlasting plus beautiful.

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  • kewlflame14:

    And that material is clean unused plastic garbage/trash/bin bags, why.

  • Only Business:

    I am Getting married next september. I want a Simple but classy small wedding. I want it to be breath taking when my guests walk in. I am going to be a young bride. I will be 22. I am a member of a church , but It isn’t right for my “dream wedding”. I have been planning this day in my head since I was a little girl and I want to find the perfect spot. I would love to have an outside ceremony, but with my luck it would thunderstorm! So I would like a Beautiful church, or chapel. I would like to have the reception at the same place but I know thats not always possible. Also given we are young I will have to work with a budget, so It needs to be reasonable. I’m looking for website links please! If you don’t have what I’m asking for in the question please don’t bother answering. Thanks every one for the help!!

    We are in Chicago Il …I don’t want it to be in chicago but Chicago area, Northern Il.

  • Death Knight:

    So, every girl dreams of getting married and having a perfect ceremony. I cant decide if i want a big wedding with all our family and friends or a small wedding overseas with 4-6 people… Any advice or ideas on which one would be better? The fiance doesnt mind at all which makes the decision even harder.

  • henryshensbcglobalnet:

    I am having a friend sing at my wedding, she normally sings country songs, I just need to find a song for her to sing at the ceremony, can anyone help?

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